Heads of Year


Year group Head of Year Email addresses Assistant Head of Year Email addresses
7 Mr A Jackson A.Jackson@bb-hs.co.uk Miss J Timperley J.Timperley@bb-hs.co.uk
8 Mrs L Cartlidge L.Cartlidge@bb-hs.co.uk Mr A Knight A.Knight@bb-hs.co.uk
9 Miss K Walker K.Walker@bb-hs.co.uk Mr C Flint C.Flint@bb-hs.co.uk
10 Mr R Leech R.Leech@bb-hs.co.uk Miss G Margaritelli G.Margaritelli@bb-hs.co.uk
11 Mrs E Avons E.Avons@bb-hs.co.uk Mrs T Tokeley T.Tokeley@bb-hs.co.uk