Music Trust


Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form has long recognised the value and power of music to inspire young people and enrich their lives. The school values music for its own sake and also for its potential to transform young people’s academic, personal, social and emotional development. The school has a strong history and tradition of music both in and out of the curriculum. The governing body believes that through the energy, innovation, ideas, contacts and resources provided by the trust partners, the potential for advancing education of students at the school and raising standards would be significantly increased. The aim of the Trust is to bring together, in a formal structure, a group of organisations with the commitment, energy and expertise to help the school and its students achieve its aims and bring to life their vision to raise standards and sustain improvement through fostering creativity and innovation.

Aims of the Music Trust

  • To enthuse, engage and motivate all groups of students so that they may develop the  functional skills and become creative, critical thinkers and risk takers.
  • Developing the curriculum through contributing to curriculum days and developing research projects which strengthen study skills and in particular, independent learning skills.
  • Design new curriculum options that enable students particularly giving the gifted and talented more freedom to explore music and what it means to be a musician.
  • Work with the school to develop students career profiles at KS5 based on their own examples of excellence.
  • Increasing access to opportunities for developing musical talents and musicality for all students.
  • Providing access for gifted and talented musicians to participate in high quality workshops and activities beyond the school and county.
  • Developing literacy skills through providing opportunities for performance, participation and creative expression.
  • Through music and particularly singing, improve and enhance literacy skills throughout the school/family of schools and the community.
  • Exploring the central place of music in all our lives, the power of music globally, culturally and individually.
  • Developing our house system further through project work and curriculum days.
  • Providing creative workshops – using music to explore literacy, science and maths across the curriculum.
  • Encouraging all students to find fulfilment and develop talents to help them to grow in confidence and encourage them to make a positive contribution to society.
  • Create a network for music teachers that provides high quality support for teaching and learning in music and music technology.
  • To further develop the international dimension of the school by recruiting overseas students into the sixth form who are able to make positive music contributions to the curriculum and extra curriculum programmes, to allow them the opportunity to enjoy and develop their music.