Parent Portal

Here at Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form, we implement a service that helps us connect with parents more efficiently. We call this service, the Parent Portal.

Its easy to get started using the Parent Portal. You just need to read the instructions below.

Once you have submitted your email, we will process your request. When we have checked the information provided matches that in our school database, we will send you your login details and next step instructions via email.

How do I sign up for the Parent Portal?


1. Email and type Parent Portal into the subject box

For parents with multiple children attending our school, you only need to complete the information for one child. When you login you will be able to select which child’s information to view.

The email must contain the following information so we can check it matches that in our school database:

Your full name

Your child’s full name

Your child’s middle name (if applicable)

Your child’s date of birth

The primary school your child attended

Your postcode

Your telephone number


2. Await our reply email containing your login details and instructions for accessing the Parent Portal.


Please note, we are currently developing the Parent Portal to make it fully compatible with phones and tablets.



– For all features of the Parent Portal, please download the Parent Portal Desktop Guide

– If you wish to use a smartphone or tablet (limited features), please download the Mobile App Parents Guide