Pupil Premium

In the financial year 2016/2017 Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form has initially been allocated £142,390 funding at the beginning of the financial year, in August 2016 this allocation has increased by an additional £900 giving a current allocation of £143,290.

We currently receive the following allocations per applicable child:

· £1900 for each Pupil Premium Plus child (LAC), which is received in school on a termly basis
· £935 for each student currently entitled to free school meals (FSM)
· £935 for each student who has been entitled to free school meal at some point during the last six years, from October 2013 onwards (Ever6)
· £300 for each student whose parent(s) is/ are currently serving in the armed forces (Service premium)

We received the funding at the beginning of the financial year in April 2016. Funding for Pupil Premium Plus students is received on a termly basis. It is our commitment to use this funding to ensure personalised provision for all of our 156 students supported by the Pupil Premium, to ensure that they progress in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy; social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of their lives, ensuring that all pupils are well prepared for their future as citizens and as learners. In particular, we aim to close achievement and attainment gaps between sub-groups of students so that no learners are disadvantaged and that additional provision is used effectively to accelerate the progress of students supported by the Pupil Premium.

Pupil Premium Policy

“Our mission is to help all students develop academically, socially and personally to give them the best possible preparation for adult life”.

This policy explains how we spend our Pupil Premium Funding to make our vision a reality for all young people and also outlines how we are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement and progress. Our priority is securing success and progress for all young people.

When students enter Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form we ensure that we know and understand the starting points for their academic progress. We gain valuable information from their primary schools and additionally undertake several important baseline assessments so that teaching is matched to the individual needs of all learners. In year 7-10 adjustments are made to Pupil Premium student targets to ensure their learning is accelerated where appropriate.
The Pupil Premium funding will be spent on ensuring that all students are making progress in the key skills needed to succeed at Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form and ensure that they are appropriately prepared for the next stage of their education.

Our priorities are:
· Developing our students’ potential so that they are accurate and imaginative when independently writing, ensuring high standards of spelling, punctuation and grammar.
· Developing readers who read independently for pleasure and who demonstrate a range of effective reading strategies when confidently accessing the curriculum.
· Developing skilful listeners who use standard English and a mature vocabulary when communicating with confidence.
· Ensuring that both young people and their parents have access to high quality stimulating reading materials as a priority.
· Personalised intervention during one-on-one support sessions.
· Closing the gap in achievement so that the students supported by pupil premium make accelerated progress in school and by the end of Year 11 have made more than expected progress.
· Ensuring basic skills are developed on entry with barriers diagnosed and addressed through small-group intervention.
· Purchasing key resources including exam stationery, scientific calculators and revision guides for GCSE students.
· Use of learning technology programmes including Mymaths and Mathswatch to raise standards and student engagement.
· Providing intensive, additional out-of-lesson support to those students at risk of underachievement.
· Work with students, parents and carers to overcome other barriers to learning such as attendance and punctuality.

For pupils who enter the school in Year 7 with literacy and numeracy ages below their chronological age and who have not met the expected standards in English and Maths, we will deliver a personalised programme of learning to help them improve on these vital skill areas. Our provision including initiatives funded by the Catch-up 7 provision, will provide regular, intensive small group and one to one sessions.

Pupil premium funding provides specialist staffing to help us design and deliver learning which is personalised to the needs of individuals and to groups of learners, including daily, personalised paired reading sessions. As part of this targeted support, we employ a Student Progress Mentor who works exclusively with students supported by the pupil premium funding, providing a programme of personalised intervention and support aimed at closing progress gaps.

Supporting Pupils Well-Being and Behaviour

Through our House System, tutors are able to develop positive relationships with students which allow them to identify areas where Pupil Premium funding can have a positive impact on a student’s achievements. This system is also used to monitor attendance and to take action quickly when issues arise that are impacting on a student’s progress.

We believe that along with employing high quality teaching staff we must employ well trained support staff to help certain students overcome their particular barriers to learning. There are some students who rely on this support to succeed at school and without this personal approach will become disengaged from school. This mentoring involves supporting pupils, emotionally and academically, ensuring that they are challenged to work hard, succeed and overcome their barriers to learning in order to make expected progress. Some of this work involves helping students to raise their aspirations, therefore some funding will be targeted at helping students identify future opportunities.

We ensure that all students have access to high quality careers guidance through independent careers advice and guidance (Changing Education). Pupil Premium students have priority interviews as career aspirations are a significant motivator. These interviews are supported by our Information Advice & Guidance policy and relevant and timely careers related activities, from work experience to careers days and external speakers and our Business, enterprise and skills training day.

Through homework clubs, intervention sessions and pre-school provision, students are able to access facilities that will support them in completing work to a high standard; morning breakfast and after school homework club with student progression mentor, personalised reading support with the learning resource centre administrator and teaching assistants in and out of the school day and where appropriate controlled assessment or curriculum support sessions.

Ensuring Equality of Access to the Curriculum and Extended Curriculum

A key aspect of our ethos at Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form is our belief that we need to develop memorable learning experiences. This is delivered through curriculum enrichment such as school based workshops, visiting groups and also includes educational visits. We also believe that all pupils benefit greatly from a residential experience.

Our vision focuses on developing the talents of the pupils. We believe that talents such as music, sport, art, dance & drama will only develop into a lifelong passion by providing a high quality extended curriculum.

Our curriculum and extended curriculum are extensive and inclusive. The Pupil Premium funding will be used to allow pupils to access all areas of the curriculum provision (including for example trips and visits or receiving peripatetic music lessons), irrespective of family circumstances.


We believe that the following strategies have the potential to close the gaps;

· Ensure that all students eligible for FSM are given appropriate forms for application.

· Use assessment systems and longitudinal as well as national data to accurately track data and identify any gaps to learning.

· Target underachieving sub-groups including Pupil Premium students in action planning and improvement plans to ensure intervention informed by data tracking is effective.

· Provide good and outstanding quality first teaching in the classroom so that all students including sub-groups of potentially vulnerable students, make at least expected progress.

· Provide effective Literacy and Numeracy support.

· Provide personalised targeted support by assessing the needs of students to ensure intervention is relevant and effective.

· Provide vertical tutoring, for pupils from Years 7 to 11 so they are grouped together for pastoral & House curriculum times.

· Support and monitor good attendance and punctuality.

· Ensure strong careers support through information, advice and guidance.

· Provide good facilities for supported self-study.

· Ensure students experience the full range of educational experiences by ensuring funding does not become a barrier to access.

All pupils who enter the school are supported by the Accelerated Reader (AR) initiative, which can produce at least an average of eighteen months reading age growth in just one academic year, while promoting the benefits of reading for pleasure. AR is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. With AR, teachers can create a reading program to meet the needs of every student. In addition, it helps teachers to monitor students’ vocabulary growth, literacy skills development and reading skills taught through other reading schemes.
For students with reading ages below their chronological age, we will deliver a personalised programme of learning to help them improve on this vital skill, including form-time and after school sessions. Our programmes are based on regular intensive small group and one to one sessions so that all students can access curriculum texts with confidence.

In the 2015/2016 academic year Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form students supported by the Pupil Premium received, and continue to receive in 2016/2017, the following provisions:

Provision Costs

Individual Targeted Pupil Premium Funding £37,360
Additional careers guidance £690
History revision books KS3 £400
Maths intervention staffing costs £9,900
English Intervention staffing costs £4,410
Administrative support staff costs £6,000
Sports coaching during summer holidays £2,750
SCFC citizenship transport £75
Student Progression Mentor £23,500
Talk the Talk £80
Paired reading/Accelerated Reader – LRCA intervention £6,000
Standon Bowers RADY project £5,000
Standon Bowers Transport £250
Art Clinic £1,200
History Clinic £1,200
Nexus tablets to support individual Literacy £690
Breakfast and homework club £3,500
“Bring the Noise” Year 7 singing project £2,000
10 iPad, cases & chargers £2,360
MFL Alfiecloud £500
Assisted Learning/Alternative provision £7,100
Pupil Premium Citizenship Project £1,000
Challenge the Gap English Y10 & Y11 £5,400
Challenge the Gap maths Y10 & Y11 £5,400
Bookmarks for World Book Day £130
E-Reader to support on-line reading £700

The above provision (and a wide range of other personalised support strategies) enables each student receiving Pupil Premium to maximise progress and attainment and to benefit from extra-curricular and curriculum enhancing activities.

Priorities for students supported by the pupil premium 2016/17

· Closing the gap in achievement so that of the students supported by pupil premium achieve:
Attainment 8 score of 59
Progress 8 score +0.7

· Continue to ensure that pupil premium funding is carefully targeted to accelerate progress of eligible students, so that the gap in their attainment and those of others closes, particularly in English and maths

· Develop further the effectiveness of governance so that monitoring and evaluation of the achievement and progress of those students supported by the pupil premium is a systematic focus. Governors will continue to monitor funded activities ensuring that they are targeted specifically at eligible students and evaluate the outcomes.