School Ethos

All the students at Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form value their shared responsibility for the school ethos, conduct in and around the school premises, the learning environment and personal progress during lessons.

Horizontal tutoring

This is where all tutor groups are made up of students from the same year group. This is a move from the current structure where each tutor group has consisted of a number of students from each year group. Students will benefit from sharing experiences with children of their own age. We will be creating a system and opportunities for students to continue their social mixing with other year groups and building on the experiences that the house system and ‘vertical’ tutoring provided. There will be more ‘year’ focused tutor time which is invaluable at key points during the year. Messages, activities and sessions will be directed to meet the needs of one year group, which will be a more effective use of time and will benefit all students. There will be opportunities for more differentiated tutor programmes. Tutors will be able to focus their efforts towards one year group; this will help communication across the school and support the tutor’s delivery of sessions. Strong relationships can be formed between students and tutors, but also parents and tutors. We will be moving from ‘Head of House’ to ‘Head of Year’, which will support tracking, monitoring and evaluation. We will be able to improve consistency across the year group as the Head of Year will have a full overview of the year group, rather than having four Heads of House working with all year groups. Houses will be retained and there will be opportunities to compete against each other in different events. Through Assistant Heads of Year, we will be developing our year councils and students will be leading a range of House events.

Churnet house focuses on the cultural, creative and practical dimensions of our lives. It looks closely at how all countries across the world develop and appreciate the Arts; and the power of expressing oneself creatively.​​​​​​​​​

Derwent house recognises the contribution that business and enterprise make in our society and that we, as entrepreneurs, can make a positive contribution to our society and achieve economic well-being.

Dove house focuses on communication with others both in English and other languages. Our students learn, through the medium of language, the value, beauty and power of the written word; drama and media help us to communicate in visual ways and support us to fit into the modern world of technology.

Manifold house recognises the significance of the big ideas which shape the world. We understand and care about the environment and are working towards a clearer understanding of the effects humans have on the planet and the necessity for sustainable development.​​​​​​​