Senior Leadership Team

Senior Deputy Headteacher – Teaching & Learning: Mrs S Kadri

We have over 70 specialist staff which allows the school to create a curriculum and learning environment that is both challenging, engaging and suits a range of learning styles. The addition of the student learning hub in the library means that our focus is to meet all of our students’ individual needs.

Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour & Safety: Mr A Leese

I care passionately about setting high standards of behaviour for students. My role at the school involves ensuring every single student meets these high standards. I am also proud to lead a very strong team of Heads of House who ensure the safety and wellbeing of students through the school’s pastoral care structure.

Assistant Headteacher – Provision: Mrs C Alford

Students are able to access a broad and balanced curriculum, designed to meet the needs of individuals. Qualifications are selected to provide valuable skills as well as to enable our students to access a range of progression routes.

Assistant Headteacher – Raising Standards: Dr A Mitchell

This responsibility ensures that all disadvantaged students within the school are provided with appropriate opportunities to make rapid and sustained progress in their learning and achieve outstanding outcomes.

Progress Director – Transition and Vocational Learning: Mr A Jackson

Students will recognise me from the extensive work I complete with the local Primary Schools on a weekly basis. My role is to work alongside the Primary Headteachers, Year 4, 5 and 6 staff and students to ensure the Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form remains heavily oversubscribed. I am also responsible for the effective implementation of vocational qualifications at Key Stage Four and Five and lead on of the four vertical houses.

Progress Director – SENCO: Mrs S Owen

As SENCO, I strongly believe that all students should have every opportunity to achieve their own personal best. The team support all students in their learning in class and in small structured support groups in our newly re-designed Assisted Learning Department. We pride ourselves in being friendly, accessible and relentless in our quest for all students to achieve.

Business & Operations Director: Mrs W Keeble

My role as Business & Operations Director is to ensure that our school facilities and environment encourage our students to appreciate and respect the opportunities available and embrace their education at Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form.