Geography - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Teaching British Values

Geography helps to prepare our students for British life by exploring the physical and man-made environment of Britain. Students also explore the human impact upon the environment and how we and voluntary groups can protect the environment.

Welcome to the Geography section of the school web site. Geography at Bilbrook is a forward looking and relevant subject. We aim to be dynamic and modern in our approach to teaching and learning.

During their time students will cover a wide range of physical and human geography topics. They will explore how the world around us works and the impact that we have on our planet.

In years 5 and 6 students are taught in mixed ability classes and in years 7 and 8 they are grouped according to ability. We make good use of ICT in our lessons, regularly using interactive resources in the classroom and in the ICT suites.

The topics students cover:

Year 5: Geographical skills, mountains, water and the water cycle, America and settlements.

Year 6: Geographical skills, exploring England, A study of Europe, volcanoes, eco-systems and Fairtrade.

Year 7: Africa, development of poor countries, geology with a focus on Cheddar Gorge, weather and climate, the frozen desert and coastal areas.

Year 8: India, population, rivers and flooding, migration of people, China and the geography of crime.

There are many ways as supportive parents that you can support your child:

  1. Watch the news together. Geography is always happening and making it relevant to today gives us a better understanding of what’s happening.
  2. Read the newspaper together.
  3. Help them with learning homework’s. Get them to teach you what they have learnt today.