Year 5 Curriculum - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Year 5 Curriculum

Key Stage 2

By the end of key stage 2, the children will be able to use mathematical understanding and language to answer a vast array of questions from across the subject. We will promote and independence when choosing their preferred chosen method to calculate solutions to written and mental maths questions. They will be able to talk about and discuss ideas to enable deeper and wider thinking in problem solving, decision making and real-life context situations. They will also develop confidence in their ability to work both as part of a group and independently.

Number (place value in whole numbers and decimals)
Written addition and subtraction (and addition of money)
Shape 2D and 3D Mental multiplication and division
Written multiplication and Written Division Measures/Data handling
Mental and written methods for problem solving using the four operations (+,-, x and ÷)
Place value and negative numbers
Written and mental addition and subtraction including money Addition of decimals Co-ordinates and line graphs
Mental multiplication and division; written multiplication and division
Fractions (multiplying fractions), decimals and word problems
Perimeter, area and volume
Mental and written methods for problem solving using the four operations (+,-, x and ÷)
Number and place value
Multiplication and division
Percentages Angles and polygons
Measures, data and time Place value and the four operations(+,-, x and ÷)
Multiplication of fractions


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