Governor List

Governing Body Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form

NameCategoryAppointing BodyAreas of responsibilityPecuniary interestsOther educational establishmentsRelationships with school staffTerm of office expiry
Mrs R. JohnsonHTEx-OfficioNone declaredN/ANoneN/A
Mrs L. CartlidgeSGStaffNone declaredN/ANone31.08.17
Mr P. SiddleyCoGoverning BodyFGB Vice Chair Headteacher PM Staffing & Pay Committee ChairNone declaredN/ANone22.09.18
Mr D ChristiePGParentsNone declaredN/ANone30.09.19
Mr B. WilliamsCoGoverning BodyNone declaredChair of Governors at Clarice Cliffe Primary SchoolNone31.08.16
Mr C. PierzchallaCoGoverning BodyEmployed by Blythe High School & Sixth FormN/ANone01.10.15
Mr J. BoumfordCoGoverning BodyNone declaredN/ANone20.05.17
Mr S. BlackburnCoGoverning BodyEmployed by SCC (School Improvement)N/ANone22.01.19
Mrs M. MurdochCoGoverning BodyInclusionNone declaredN/ANone25.09.16
Mr G. Davies PGParentsChild ProtectionNone declaredVice Chair of Governors at St Matthews Primary School.None14.02.18
Mrs S. MackenzieCoGoverning BodyPersonal Development & Wellbeing Committee Chair PREVENT, CIAG, RRSNone declaredN/ANone06.10.19
Ms M-A. RafteryLALocal AuthoritySEN/PP LinkEmployed by SCC (Road Safety Education)N/ANone15.12.19
Mrs A. PoveyPGParentsNone declaredN/ANone11.11.19
Mrs N. MittonClerkN/A