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Careers at Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form – Parents

Careers provision for year groups:

It is our aim to provide each year group in school with a tailored programme to meet their needs. Programme themes are reviewed annually in the summer term. Many of our areas of focus are centered around reaching the GATSBY benchmarks. We review the programmes annually, and at the beginning of every term we complete the 360 diagnostic tool to ensure that as a school we are meeting the needs of every students and identify areas for development.
We have a careers pathway; the journey that every student takes over the five or seven years. This is to track external business encounters and ensure parody across each year group.


Year GroupFocus
7Self-awareness and introduction to world of work skills
8Skills for the future
9Careers for life (to support options)
10Employability and transferable skills
11Future pathway and careers appointments
12 & 13Developing skills for university, further education and successfully entering the world of work


You can inspire the next generation!

…by getting involved in our Careers Programme.

We are eager to hear from people who work at all levels, with varied educational backgrounds and career experiences. Whether you are an employer, training provider, professional or entrepreneur – we need people with enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to help inspire our students.

If you would be interested in talking to our students about the job that you do or in helping in any other way please click here.


Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) supports young people in researching careers and opportunities in the local area. It provides the knowledge and understanding of the changing economic circumstances. Below is the current LMI for our area: