Alumni - Business - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Alumni – Business

Meet past students who are studying or working in the field of


ROSS (1989)

* Went on to achieve a Bsc degree in Biomedical science.

* Now a Business Manager for a District and County Council.

* Advice for current students: “Don’t panic! Prepare as much as you can. Try to study subjects that you have a genuine passion for. Enjoy!”

GEORGIA (2016)

* Left with 12 GCSEs, graded A*-A.

* Completed a Level 3 apprenticeship in Business Administration, and was offered a full time position at the end of this.

* Advice for current students: “Find a balance between revision and relaxation, and manage your stress levels.”

REBEKAH (2004)

* Left with GCSEs and A levels.

* Obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, and an Associates Degree in Business Administration. Emigrated in 2009 to America. Opened  own business, then progressed into the publishing industry and became an Editorial Director for 4 years. Also trained as a graphic designer and photographer. Currently retraining again in public administration and work in the nonprofit sector in the mental health care field. Now an Executive Operations Director, making 75k a year and living in Washington D.C. in the U.S.

* Advice for current students: “Make the most of this time, it’s much harder to return to study later in life. I am just starting a Masters Degree in public administration at 34, and it’s difficult juggling a full-time job, a family, and studies.”