Student Leadership - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Student Leadership

At the end of the last academic year a record number of students were nominated by their teaching staff to apply to become Year 11 prefects. Students were invited to talk about their academic achievements and progress as well as their abilities and skills that would enable them to fulfill such a role. They were also required to choose an area in which they would like to work ranging from teaching & transition to events & fundraising.

A team of senior prefects, led by our Head Prefects, have been appointed to coordinate the work of the prefect committees and represent the school more widely.

A message from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Hello, we are Ellie and Ben and we are Head Girl and Head Boy for this academic year. We are very much looking forward to making a positive impact on our school and encouraging other students to be confident in sharing their views and ideas. We applied for this role because we love to be in school and want other students to feel the same way.

We went through a series of processes including applications and an interview with Mrs Johnson, Mrs Kadri and Mrs Avons. It was a great opportunity to develop our skills as young people to prepare for jobs in the future. During the interview, we wanted to show our passion for the school and how proud we are to be a part of our community. We were so excited to find out that after that we had been successful. We were delighted as we couldn’t wait to share our passion and love for the school because as students, we are proud to come here.

We are aware that this year may be different to the rest; however, we still have a few goals that we would like to achieve for this year. Primarily, we would like to make the school eco-friendlier. This would include having recycling bins in and around the school and becoming paperless meaning no paper would be sent home – letters and notices would all be available on frog instead. These small changes will help students to develop an understanding and respect for the importance of helping the environment as they develop into young adults.

Our second goal is to make the school even more positive and welcoming. We would do this by asking students for ideas of improvement therefore, making the school even more personalised to students.

We are grateful for this opportunity of being Head Girl and Boy and cannot wait to work alongside the Senior Prefects and the prefect team to make the school an even more positive place to be.