Student Leadership - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Student Leadership



The role of a school prefect is something that has always been held in high regard by our school community. This prestigious role is vital in the role modelling of correct behaviours that then filters down through our students. All prefects will play an active role in the school community from responsibilities such as duties on the school gates, Year 7 yard and lunch hall, to the being mentors to Year 7 students and heading up our new Kickstart morning programme. Prefects will be at the forefront of school committees and have the chance to make a positive impact on the future of the school.

At the end of last year, a new prefect enrolment took place. All teaching and support staff were given two nominations for students who they believed would make a good school prefect, working against a criterion of personal attributes and qualities. It was felt that the year group also deserved the chance to be involved in the selection process, so all students were also given two votes for people in their cohort, again to the same criteria.

Each student who received a vote from both a member of staff and a student were then invited These students were then invited to apply for a prefect role, identifying how their abilities and skills would enable them to become a successful and effective prefect, whilst demonstrating our core values of pride, respect and kindness. After an exciting, yet challenging application process, a slim lined selection of 28 students were awarded the role of a school prefect.

Each prefect was invited to apply for the role of Head Prefect, and interviews were held in the final week of the summer term. After a difficult deliberation process, we are delighted to announce that both Jacob and Saffron accepted the role of Head Boy and Head Girl for this academic year.