Student Leadership - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Student Leadership

At the end of the academic year, a staggering number of students were nominated by their teachers and support staff to apply to become a Year 11 prefect if they had demonstrated a range of qualities that would make them a good leader.

These students were then invited to apply for a prefect role, identifying how their abilities and skills would enable them to become a successful and effective prefect, whilst demonstrating our core values of pride, respect and kindness.

Over 60 prefects were successful in their application and a small number of students were invited to apply for the prestigious head boy and head girl role. The standard was extremely high, and we were in a position to also award a deputy head girl and deputy head boy position as well as six  senior prefects who have been allocated one of the core values of pride, respect and kindness to focus on.

This leadership team will coordinate the work of the prefect committee and will represent the school more widely.



We would like to introduce ourselves as Dylan and Sophie, recently appointed head boy and head girl at Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form. We are both delighted to be able to continue the excellent work carried out by Ben and Ellie and are eager to promote the school’s positive environment for learning. We applied for such prestigious roles because we are extremely proud of our school, its culture & ethos and are determined to communicate how we feel to others. Despite the global pandemic, we think that the school adapted brilliantly, and our learning and progress have not been adversely affected. We know that everyone here works together to improve our students’ academic performance whilst developing our skills needed for future success. Both of us are ambitious and wish to further interactive learning both in and outside of the curriculum to broaden and enrich students’ learning experiences. It is our intention to work alongside the school’s student leadership body to create even more exciting fundraising ideas and to ensure that pride, respect and kindness continue to be at the heart of everything that we do.

We are open to new ideas and are always willing to listen. We are ready to represent your views and drive future changes. Working with students from other year groups to implement change will be amazing and we are incredibly thankful for this opportunity. We pledge to ensure that our school continues to be the safe, positive place that embraces diversity and holds learning at the heart of its community.