Learning Provision - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Learning Provision

We place students at the centre of our practice. Our focus is on personalizing every child’s experience at this school to ensure that each student has the provision and support they need – be that curricular, extra-curricular, Special Educational Needs, Pupil Premium or Gifted, Able and Talented.

We are proud of our broad and balanced curriculum, which enables students to study a breadth of subjects without narrowing their choices or placing a ceiling on their aspirations. It prepares our young people for lifelong learning and for the responsibilities and challenges of life in an ever changing society.

Teachers deliver learning experiences of the highest quality, expertly planned and taught, with an unwavering drive to help every student succeed. However, when students do not know how to learn, teaching is fruitless. We aim for our students to become expert learners. They should be self- regulating, aware of their own progress and able to think about their own learning, but also able to lose themselves in tasks and experience ‘flow’. They should be willing to take risks and try a variety of approaches and be independent while they are doing it. They should feel the intrinsic buzz of learning for its own sake.

We recognise that qualifications alone are not enough to enable our students to fulfil their potential. Life skills such as leadership and team work alongside confidence, self- esteem and respect for others are fundamental to our school values. Provision is supported by a wide range of extra-curricular activities including educational visits which enhance students’ experiences of the curriculum. Students have a huge choice of activities to engage in, there will always be something of personal interest to do.

As a fully inclusive school, other facilities provide additional support for students, such as the assisted learning department which help to make coming to school enjoyable for all, enriching and a learning environment in which we take pride.

For further information on how the work-related learning provision is organized, please refer to The Gatsby Benchmark and Baker Clause documentation.


The Baker Clause.pdf

The Gatsby Benchmark.pdf