Alumni - Performing Arts - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Alumni – Performing Arts

Meet past students who are studying or working in the field of


Joe (2001)

* Studied for a degree at university.

* Now the Founder/Director of a video production company.

* Advice for current students: You don’t always need to know your career/future plans when deciding what subjects to study. Do what you enjoy, and you’ll enjoy what you do.”

Amy (2004)

* Left with a range of GCSEs

* Went on to complete a Professional Diploma in Dance and Music Theatre

* Advice for current students: “Do your best. Take the advice of the experts who teach you every day. Be humble.”

Chloe (2017)

* Left with 12 GCSEs, a level 3 BTEC and 2 A levels

* Now studying towards the final year of a degree in photojournalism at Staffordshire University

* Advice for current students: “Start your revision early. Make sure that you give yourself regular breaks so that you don’t burn out.”

Ben (2016)

* Left with a range of GCSEs, and A levels in dance (B), media (B) and drama (C).

* Went on to achieve a First Class BA Honours in Dance. Now a Master of Research. Has developed his own touring dance company, and works as a professional dancer.

* Advice for current students: “Nothing worth having is easy. Follow your passion. Life is too short to not do what you love. If that’s university, great! If not, that’s fine too. Don’t feel constricted or forced into what you think others want of you. Do everything you need to do to achieve because nobody, except yourself, is going to do it for you.”

JANINE (2005)

* Left with 3 A levels.

* Went on to achieve a BA (Hons) Sound Technology; MA Broadcast Journalism; CIPR Diploma in PR; BASIS foundation in Crop Protection.

* Advice for current students: “Although your choices now are important, who knows what the future holds. Don’t worry if you don’t quite achieve what’s expected of you, there’s so many alternative paths to success.”

Jennifer (2005)

* Left BBHS with 3 A levels and one AS level

* Studied music at the University of Huddersfield, stayed on for postgraduate study and achieved a Masters in music performance. Now an Area Manager at Musica Kirklees (Music Hub).

* Advice for current students: “Enjoy every minute. Get involved in extra curricular activities – you are at school to learn and grow, and things like art, music, sport and drama at the things that make you grow as a human.”