New Parents 2024 - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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New Parents 2024

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we progress towards the summer term, we are looking forward to inviting Year 6 students to Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form for their intake days in July.

We have again decided to offer Year 6 students the opportunity to attend our highly successful Summer School. Students attending will participate in a variety of practical lessons including business, technology, science, PE, art, drama, language and English with the focus on developing new skills, knowledge and understanding associated with the secondary curriculum.

The cost for students to attend will be £12 per day and will be used to purchase resources required for lessons alongside a personalised reading book of your child’s choice. Payment’s will be requested in the summer term.

There will be two opportunities for students to attend, Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st July (inclusive) or Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd August (inclusive).


Click here to book your child’s place


I really enjoyed the summer school. It was fun and not like being in Year 6. You could wear your own clothes and the lessons were very different. It was good to meet new people and be able to explore the school with no other students there. I really enjoyed the PE and cooking. It allowed me to be ready for September and stopped me worrying about where to go. I would really recommend it to Year 6 students.

George Year 7

I was the only student transferring from my Primary. I had already attended the intake event, but these additional three days really allowed me to create new friendship groups. It stopped me worrying about September as I had already made new friends. The cooking was great, and my clock still works. I really enjoyed designing a theme park. I would recommend it to all Year 6 students.

Anya Year 7

I had already been to the high school lots, but the summer school was very different. We had the whole school to ourselves. I still use the reading book I received during summer school during form time. It’s not like primary lessons. I enjoyed French, loved making shortbread and the science was fantastic. Estimating energy in food by burning it was really fun. The groups were kept small, allowing us to create new friends was great.

Ellie Year 7

The activities were great and very different to being in Year 6. You get to meet the new staff and use the science and technology classrooms. We never got to use the equipment before, and it was brilliant. I didn’t realise twenty-one other primaries sent students into Year 7. I made lots of new friends, explored the school and learnt hands-on skills in business, technology and science.

Ethan Year 7

Our Summer School 2023 received the following feedback from parents:

100% of participating students would recommend the event to Year 6 students.

100% of parents/carers indicated that they would recommend attending Summer School.

98% of students surveyed said the event reduced anxiety about starting high school.

Participants recognised that our Summer School improved confidence, allowed them to make new friends, encouraged them to explore the new learning environment, develop new knowledge and implement new skills.

To book a provisional place on our Summer School, please access the link above no later than Friday 19th April 2024. Once the deadline for provisionally booking a place on our Summer School has passed we will be in touch to secure your place and discuss payment.


Kind regards,

Mr A Jackson

Senior Leader – Transition