Student Council and Leadership - Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form
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Student Council and Leadership

The Blythe Bridge High School Sixth Form Student Council is a dynamic group of students. Their role is to lead, voice and represent not just the views of the Sixth Form but those of the whole school. The students here take an active interest in all aspects of their education and the wider community, have clear goals and aspirations and strive to achieve the best for the students at Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form.

A message from the Sixth Form Council

The Sixth Form council acts as a bridge between the staff and students. We are here to discuss ideas, issues and questions that you may have. The council is made up of head students, senior prefects and form representatives, we all work together to ensure that the Sixth Form is the best it can be for everyone.

We not only act as role models in the Sixth Form, but we also do for lower school too. We try to give the younger students a voice as well and we work closely with the Year 11 prefects in order to help organise events for lower school as well as in addition to the Sixth Form.

The sixth form council have so far organised a Quiz and Pizza night raising £65.53 for the sixth form. We have also organised two charity events which were to support Young Minds and Breast Cancer Now. In the coming half term, we have Children in Need, this is where we will all participate and dress as Disney characters and Movember to raise more money for these charities. We are in the process of organising more social events with plans for a trip to Cinebowl and a movie night to further fundraise for the Sixth Form.